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Superabrasive - a Partner You can Trust.

Manufacturing high quality diamond tooling and equipment since 1987.


Superabrasive has over 30 years of experience producing diamond tools, and we proudly serve customers in North America, South America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia. We have expanded both of our main facilities in Bulgaria and Atlanta, GA. Our factory in Bulgaria has added two new buildings - one for the LAVINA manufacturing division and one to serve as a new warehouse, and is now over 250,000 sf, employing over 300 people. In Atlanta, GA, we have added a new ShinePro manufacturing facility to our US-headquarters, which is now close to 70,000 sf. While we have grown greatly over the years, our advantage in the marketplace continues to be our dedication to research and development, and our ability to sort, test, classify, and control the quality of the diamond powder used in the manufacturing of our diamond tools.

Superabrasive manufactures products for 3 main industries:


While Superabrasive makes products for several industries, the concrete product line, known as LAVINA, has become the company’s largest division and its top revenue generator. The LAVINA line includes grinding and polishing machines, burnishers, dust extractors and diamond tools for nearly any floor application from prep to maintenance. In fact, Superabrasive is among very few companies in the industry that is manufacturing both the machines and the diamond tools itself. Our products are used on projects large and small, from high-end residential jobs to large industrial plants and “big box” retail stores such as JCPenny, WalMart, Sam’s Club, and many more.

Since the launch of the first LAVINA grinding and polishing machines in 2004, Superabrasive has updated the line with the Pro, S, and the X-series, constantly improving their productivity and performance. LAVINA machines, all with a forced planetary drive, are ranking among the most efficient and easy to use machines for grinding and polishing on the market. With the increasing popularity of propane equipment, which saves time and money from messing with electrical wiring and generators on the job site, Superabrasive has aslo shifted their focus on propane machines and has become the leader in the propane machines category. We now have a complete range of propane grinders - 20, 25, 30, 32 and 38-inch models, as well as propane vacuums, and we are proud to have introduced a new conversion kit system which allows our propane grinders to work more efficiently with less emissions than any of our competitors.  

Our most popular brands include LAVINA®, NATO®, Calibra®, ShinePro® , V-HARR®, Trowel Shine® , One Floor®, Trio®, GlossFire®(previously called TORO).

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